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Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps

There are many different chimney tops or chimney caps available.

Many different chimney sweeps and manufacturers sell a wide variety of different types that can be quite confusing.

Here is a list of all the different types of caps you can get and the pros and cons.

First there are metal chimneys and related metallic material fabrications that are in a prefab form, ready to install basically.

These chimneys are mainly used for wood stoves and prefab fireplace installations.

Also many gas venting fireplaces use these as it eases the installation of a chimney cap dramatically! If you’ve ever struggled with installs then this may be the way to go for you.

Most all metal chimneys need to have a cap or termination on them which is provided for multiple fireplaces or when one is not used at the time.

About Chimney Caps

Info About Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps

This is because in these chimneys without a cap the rain will run directly into your stove or fireplace and either.

This will ruin your ceilings and walls without the Chimney Caps and is essential. I’ve bought brand new caps without the part in error before, make sure it’s in the package by checking it well before leaving the store!

Another reason is that a Will help keep birds and other small animals out of your chimney.

These animals enjoy the warmth of a chimney and can’t possibly clog it with nests.

Another reason is because metal chimneys are basically made out of three layers of metal.

Without a Moisture and water can get into these different layers which will cause premature failure of your chimney.

You need to be careful because if you’re metal chimney is air cooled which is venting on the top you need to be sure that you get a special.

You should get one that has venting slots on the top.

Chimney Caps Tips

There are many different advantages and disadvantages when you A masonry chimney or fireplace.

Some of the disadvantages are draft restriction.

If your chimney was designed wrong or installed wrong at cap can reduce the draft.

Another disadvantage is clogging of screen in cap.

Some chimney caps have very small screening which often gets clogged with the.

This will give you very poor performance because of the draft reduction Chimney Caps.

Another disadvantage if they can just color it your chimney exterior.

If car and set build up on the chimney cap it can just color your stucco or brick.

Another issue is that chimney caps can sometimes blow off in really high winds.

Some advantages to having these though is that it will keep animals like raccoons and birds from clogging your chimney or fireplace.

These also help keep rain and moisture from accumulating inside of your chimney.

This will really help reduce that awful chimney smell that you get during warmer weather.

Chimney Caps

It also helps shed ice and rain from your chimney crown.

This can really help a long gate the life of your crown by eliminating cracking.

It also increases the draft of your chimney.

There are three main sizes for a masonry chimney.

They are 8″ x 8″, 12″ x 12″ and 8″ x 12″.

There are several different caps you can get for your masonry flue.

There is a standard With screen.

These are made from a variety of different materials including steel, copper, aluminum and even stainless steel.

The most popular is stainless steel and the black painted steel.

Many of these models have side screening they keep birds and small animals out of your chimney.

Stainless steel is the best cap you can get.

This is because it can handle much more exposure to wind, rain and smoke.

It is also much less susceptible to rest.

Another type of cap is called a draft increasing cap.

If you have any problems with the draft and need to increase the draft than neither perfect for you.

These are designed to use strong plan to create a better updraft.Chimney Caps


The next type are caps with integral damper mechanisms.

If you have any miss seeing or even loosefitting damper mechanisms than asking waste energy and give you a cold draft.

You can easily fix this by a top sealing damper.

These are easily retrofitted to your chimney top. The paragraph these endeavors are available with a integral.

Last but not least there are electric draft increasing caps.

These are both a cap and an electric inducer.

If you have any draft problems than this is a great solution for you.

These have electric fans that are built into the cap.

These are variable speed fans which gives you complete control over the draft.

These are slightly more expensive than run from $1000-$2000.

Here are just some of the many different chimney Caps available.