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Temco FireplaceIf you are looking for a wonderful fireplace to gather around then you should look into the company that makes the Temco Fireplace. The Temco line of fireplaces creates a complete line of gas fireplaces, vent free and gas fireplaces.

They have fireplaces that are B Vent, direct vent, vent free, wood burning fireplaces, universal circulating fireboxes, vent free gas logs, vented and even a wide variety of fireplace accessories. With Temco fireplaces products you are truly getting high quality at a very competitive price.

I’ve looked at other models of fireplaces and makers including majestic and Temtex, which are in the same realm as Temco, and just found issues with those makers.

Of note to watch out for are the problems and recalls of less expensive fireplace kits, the problems and costs involved may negate the money savings that you’d get in the long run. There are many different fireplaces that Temco manufactures and the lineup can fit into anybody’s budget.

They have a full line of gas fireplaces and selection of styles and colors to choose from, which is a great feature when you just can’t choose! Their most popular are the compact B Vent fireplaces… This is a patented design that gives you a beautiful visual impact, a simple clean design.

This provides you with a compact design that uses up very little floor space or wall space. These models is designers and builders wonderful affordable options. These fireplaces will be the opportunity to add warmth and beauty of open fire in places that a traditional fireplace would not fit.

You can even install 301 models without doors for that open and modern look and feel. They do offer four different attractive door treatments if you want as well, the options are the greatest part to the Temco line of fireplace models.

About Temco Fireplace

Some more info About Temco Fireplaces

The Temco line of fireplaces model called the 701 B Vent with optional glass doors is a wonderful 42 inch fireplace. This fireplace has a large 700 square inch hearth and firebox area.

It also features a full refractory lining and comes with a beautiful ceramic fiber logs that. They have beautiful slim framing dimensions to give you a very large viewing area. These can be used with or without any glass doors and a choice of colors. You have the option of getting fixed panels, bi-fold doors or no doors at all. The design and flexibility of these fireplaces are truly amazing for a vented gas fireplace.

Another popular Temco Fireplace model is their Elegance II direct vent gas fireplace heaters. These feature a completely redesigned log that is safer and produces actually more warmth and light than most gas logs out on the market. They feature a freshly split look for a very realistic charring effect. These logs the beautiful whether or not you have a fire or not, just sitting there looking great! These feature very modern and clean styling with very large viewing areas and are extremely easy to operate and install.

Temco Fireplaces have completely enhanced their fireplaces within the elegance line. Especially with the introduction of the DV5200 model, a newer line that has many innovations in the fireplace world. These have amazing new grille treatments – I just love the look of these grills.

These are direct vent gas units that give you amazingly high heating capacity with deep specious hearths. These are the best choice if you have a large room to heat and for the ambiance. These give you very tall flames that have glowing embers and ceramic fiber logs.

Temco’s prestigious series of direct vent gas fireplaces are truly revolutionary. The PDV7400 has beautifully clean styling with large viewing area and an expansive hearth. These include a exclusive prestige log set as well as burner assembly that is truly better than anything on the market for direct vent.

These fireplaces have a innovative and wonderful dual burner that gives you a beautiful warm glow and tall yellow flames. These are truly impressive fireplaces and come in the 36″ 38″ and the larger one at 42″.

Temco Fireplace Tips

Temco’s other line of vent free gas fireplaces are called the American dream series. They have many different compact vent free gas fireplaces available including their ever popular ADF33. These are 99.9% efficient gas logs. They have many different specialty vent free gas fireplaces including open corner, see-through fireplace and even the see-thru fireplace to go between walls and rooms.

These are truly sophisticated and elegant designs to give you the convenience as well as functionality for a vent free gas fireplace. These Temco gas fireplace models are 36 inches wide. The elegance series is a another compact series that has been free technology in a very convenient package that can be installed in many other places where fireplaces won’t fit.

This gives you a lot of design flexibility because it only has 15 inches of footprint. You can put these under a counter or even build it into the wall. They also feature a wonderful universal firebox series. These circulating in radiant vent free fireplaces are truly amazing.

They have changed around the side refractories and even create more depth for the hearth. These are available in 36 and 42 inch sizes. Their radiant vent free fire boxes are truly amazing and these have many classic touches including herringbone firebrick panels and large hearths.

Temco Fireplace

They are said to produce the world’s most beautiful and realistic vent free gas logs. There allows come in a wide variety of different options. They have multicolored logs are stacked and unique three-tiered steel grate. There precedes series are designed to give you 360° viewing.

They have two large front logs with beautiful cross logs. These are great for any multi-sited or front opening Temco Fireplaces. If you have the Sunny Line or factory built fireplaces but also work very well.

They also have many wood-burning and he circulating fireplaces. They have hidden louvers that enhance your heated air circulation to give you more warmth and comfort.Temco Fireplace

They have radiant wood burning fireplaces as well. Their most popular by far is the see-through wood burning fireplace. Temco has created eight beautiful site built masonry fireplace that is very low cost and easy to install. This is the largest see-through fireplace available.

This feature is a flash-based and open free air passage. This gives you the opportunity to install flush mounting glass doors. These are truly the most beautiful fireplaces you can possibly by.

Temco also offers many fireplace accessories including fireplace doors, fan kits, blowers, firebrick, grill kits, hoods, trim kit, venting kit, remote, conversion kits, surrounds, chimney vent pipe, offsets, firestops, shields, storm collars, gas lines and many more accessories.

These are just some of the reasons why owning a Temco fireplace is such a joy and I use our fireplace all the time, it truly brings much joy to my family and I.

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